VERSTER-ROOS INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS & CONVEYANCERS can assist with a variety of contracts, including but not limited to:

Family law:

•    Ante-nuptial agreements / contracts;
•    Parenting plans;
•    Settlement agreements;
•    Co-habitation agreements.


•    Franchise agreements;
•    Software development agreements;
•    SaaS agreements;
•    Software licensing agreements;
•    Internet / Website agreements;
•    Software service and maintenance agreements;
•    PAIA manuals;
•    Data protection and security strategies;
•    Non-disclosure agreements;
•    Lease agreements;
•    Employment agreements that complies with social media requirements;
•    Shareholders agreements;
•    Memoranda of incorporation;
•    Joint Venture / Partnership / Co-operation / Association agreements;
•    Sale of business agreements;
•    Agreement to purchase (property);
•    Agreement to purchase (other).

Other : Contact VERSTER-ROOS ATTORNEYS & CONVEYANCERS with your specific requirements as the list of contracts is non-exhaustive.


Getting married and in need of an antenuptial agreement?

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